Helping Hearts Foundation Rescue – What We See

Wash your hands. Western medicine is an amazing achievement in human history. To have banished from daily life the unsanitary conditions that breed viruses, bacteria and parasites is a major reason why humans are flourishing on the earth. Yet even in the most affluent of countries and the richest of cities, the causes of a Read More >>

Tara a Helping Hearts Resident Rescue

It’s easy to take a safe, secure and healthy living environment for granted. Most people grow up without having to worry about these seemingly simple requirements. They are just there, provided by an invisible network of parents and family, friends and co-workers. It is a part of the social contract. Yet for a small, but Read More >>

Helping Hearts Foundation Resident Krista

Helping Hearts Foundation Resident Krista from Helping Hearts Foundation on Vimeo. Krista is the youngest resident the Helping Hearts Foundation has reached out to. She has been with us only a short time, but has touched the lives of many around her with her warm and exuberant energy and her desire to overcome life’s many Read More >>

Helping Hearts Rescue Brothers Brad and Tim

Piled up mattresses and broken down, disused furnishings litter the walkway up to Brad and Tim’s room and board. The smell hits you before you open the door. You can’t quite say what it is, other than rot, but it’s pungent. So much so, Jimmy and Pak both need clean suits, masks and gloves before Read More >>