Dementia Care Providers in California & Nevada

For those living with dementia – as well as their friends, family and doctors – the challenges of memory loss can be both frustrating and emotionally taxing. Each day offers new trials as you learn to cope with the condition, and work to continue leading a happy, fulfilling and comfortable life.

Having a support system to aid you with daily tasks is critical for maintaining your dignity and independence, and at Helping Hearts, our on-site and in-home dementia care providers are here to assist you.

Helping Hearts is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the fundamental belief that all individuals deserve comfort, compassion and assistance so that they can continue leading satisfying and productive lives.

As dedicated dementia care providers serving the greater Sacramento area in California and the Las Vegas region, our skilled and caring team of social services staff and health care experts will provide support and assistance with daily activities such as:

  • Transportation
  • Pharmacy and doctor’s visits
  • Medication schedules
  • Financial management
  • Meals and cleaning

We want to help ease your daily burdens or provide peace of mind that your friend, loved one or patient is in good hands.

Continue browsing to learn more about the Helping Hearts organization and our service availability in your area, or contact us today to speak with one of our friendly and helpful associates.