A Letter from the President of Helping Hearts Foundation

To all of our supporters,

In these challenging economic times, Helping Hearts Foundation, Inc. remains dedicated to our core beliefs of helping people.

Let me tell you a bit about Helping Hearts. We are relatively new to the charity scene. Though we were formed in 2008, we are an old idea. This idea began with me as a simple dream when I was a child. Even as a young boy I always had a vision to create a shelter and to help people in any way I could. I grew up in a large, yet tight-knit family with strong morals. We dealt with our fair share of physical and mental health issues. Due to my quiet demeanor and calm temperament, my parents always thought I was destined to be a servant of the lessor. As I got older, I realized that I could make a difference one person at a time.

Despite my early leanings toward a life of self-sacrifice, I tested myself by entering into a dog-eat-dog industry that taught me practical life skills and how to be a forward thinking individual. At my lowest point mentally, and with the loss of my Uncle and Father back to back, I took a year to really put my life in perspective and risked and invested all of my time living my life’s dream; my desire to help those who have been dealt a blow in their lives. And in late 2008, small as a newborn baby, Helping Hearts Foundation, Inc. was born.

Having to deal with the day-to-day hands on work of moving people out of emergency rooms, negative living environments, and the streets into clean and safe housing, we have grown our modest non-profit foundation into a full-fledged housing program with complimentary placement and in-home care divisions. As active as we try to be in the community, we admit that much like those we help, we ourselves often need a helping heart.

Much as many of our residents have discovered, each one of us can positively impact our community. Each of us has the power to positively affect someone’s life. By using any one of our services, we are able to use our proceeds to directly help those less fortunate.

While you browse our website, I strongly encourage you to take the time to view our client profiles which tend to focus on a bright future in concert with Helping Hearts. They have taken that first hardest step toward a brighter future. We must ask, what can all of us do to help them, and ourselves along the long road of life.

Thank You,

Jimmy B. Borgmeyer II
President, Helping Hearts Foundation, Inc.