Rocklin In Home Care Services

Being a caregiver for a spouse, relative, friend or neighbor can enrich the lives of both the caregiver and the patient. And it’s best for aging or ill individuals to remain in their own homes as long as possible, both for their own comfort and peace of mind and because the expense of moving into an assisted living facility can be prohibitive. But it’s important to know when the duties required of you as the caregiver have gone beyond your capability — whether the job has surpassed your available time, strength or medical knowledge. That’s when it’s time to contact Helping Hearts for in home assisted living services in Rocklin, CA.

The Helping Hearts Foundation is a non-profit organization that connects in home caregivers with the patients who need their services — whether the patient is coping with an illness, an injury, or the difficulties that come with aging. Our caregivers can assist with daily tasks that tend to be strenuous, such as running errands, shopping, cooking and cleaning. They can also help patients stay on top of their medication schedules, which frees up the caregiver from that important responsibility.

Rocklin Placement Activity

If the patient is already unable to live at home safely even with assistance, Helping Hearts can also help Rocklin individuals find a comfortable residence option that fits their needs. Whether for in home care or transition to a new residence, Helping Hearts provides the best placement activity for each person we help.

Payee Services

We also provide payee services in Rocklin for seniors who need help with managing their Social Security and other benefits. We offer many types of financial oversight through our Helping Hearts Payee Services, including monthly budgeting, bill pay, negotiating with creditors and helping protect the individual against fraud and abuse.

Capable in-home assistance can make all the difference in the life of someone dealing with aging, illness or injury. Helping Hearts works with you to find the best solution for your individual situation.