Care Residences

Assisting Residents of Sacramento County, Sutter County, El Dorado County, Placer County, Yolo County & San Joaquin County with our Care Residences in Sacramento CA.

The Helping Hearts Foundation is proud to provide individuals and families in need with safe, stable home environments in Sacramento. Helping Hearts Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing everyday living assistance in many forms, including our Sacramento care residences. Our care residences give those that are struggling a safe haven where they can find help, shelter, security and consolation from illness, debts and tragedies that have uprooted them. Helping Hearts considers each residents to be a member of our family, and provides each person with the care and help they need to recover and better their situation. We firmly believe that every person has a right to a proper shelter and deserves a place they can call home. We are pleased to provide this home to many residents within Northern California (housing located in Sacramento), and we welcome each person into our family. We work with hospitals, shelters, social services and other programs to provide options for individuals who can no longer live independently, cannot support themselves, are homeless, struggling with debilitating illnesses and other situations. Whether these individuals have been long misplaced and have fallen through support networks, or they are newly coping with difficult situations and how nowhere to turn, we provide a comfortable, hospitable environment to all those in need.

Care ResidencesWhat Sets Helping Hearts Apart from Other Care Residences In California?

Our care residences are not like other residential housing programs, halfway houses and similar institutions; our locations are a part of a highly connected support network that is managed by passionate social stewards. Our care residences are a representation of all our services and our organization, and we strive to make each location a part of our sterling reputation. All of our houses are ADA compliant and include full accessibility to individuals with any disability or handicap. If there are any difficulties that remain in the house for new residents, we do our best to resolve them and make each person feel comfortable and welcome.

As a part of our proud network of care services, all of our houses are regularly cleaned and inspected while maintaining residents’ independence and privacy, so each person enjoys a clean, safe, secure and enjoyable living environment. Our care residences also include a variety of services to promote healthy living, productive activities, socialization, recovery and a high quality of life. We provide:

  • Three healthy meals each day for all residents
  • Housekeeping services to all areas of the home
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Assistance with medications
  • Gym memberships which enable residents to stay active and maintain good health and positive energy, while connections with other residents and local social programs cultivate high spirits and companionship.

Helping Hearts’ care residences are wonderful communities where residents receive the help they need and help others in return, whether through the simple act of listening and caring, or in helping others with daily activities. The services provided at each location allow residents to live with independence and dignity, and recover from difficult situations in a safe and supportive environment. Individuals who are living with illnesses, injuries and disabilities and do not have an available or adequate support network will find everything they need with Helping Hearts, whether they are seeking a short-term stay or a long-term stay.

What Types of Residents are found at Helping Hearts Care Residences?

There are many events, occurrences and situations that bring residents to our homes. Each person’s story is unique, and we treat everyone with the respect, care, empathy and consideration they deserve. Some have gone through a life-changing event where they have gone to the ER or seen social services, where they then found a Helping Hearts representative. The loss of a job, a tragic accident, the death of a family member, home foreclosure or deteriorating health often contributes to a series of unfortunate circumstances. Many are struggling with ongoing or chronic conditions that limit their mobility or cause reoccurring pain. Others may be suffering from terminal illnesses and do not have the resources for extended care in other facilities. Battles with addiction and mental illness are also factors that lead residents to seek care through Helping Hearts. Others have been homeless for extended periods and have chosen to seek care through Helping Hearts, or their friends or loved ones have introduced them. Whether recent events have caused you to be uprooted from your home, or you have been homeless for a longer period, Helping Hearts is here for you. Helping Hearts makes no barriers to entry, including age, health status or finances. As a part of a constructive and courteous community we only ask that each resident be a part of the healing and support of their neighbors, and help to build better futures for all involved.

If you or someone you know is homeless or in danger of becoming homeless, please contact us. We will provide further information on our Sacramento care residence, and do our best to find the right place for each person in need. If we cannot place you or your loved ones in our own facilities, our care coordinators will find the right placement according to the situation and services required. Again, while our housing may be in Sacramento alone, our services branch out to other counties across Northern California such as El Dorado, Nevada, Sutter, Yolo and Placer, along with many more.