Helping Hearts Foundation Resident Craig

Helping Heart Foundation Resident Craig from Helping Hearts Foundation on Vimeo. Craig became a Helping Heart Foundation Resident a few years ago when he realized his options for safe, secure and affordable housing were running out. Having battled a lifelong addiction to alcohol and drugs Craig was beset upon by injuries and illnesses that made Read More >>

Helping Hearts Foundation Resident Kurt

Helping Hearts Foundation Resident Kurt from Helping Hearts Foundation on Vimeo. “Nothing can get me down.” Kurt always says. A professional arm-wrestler sponsored by Budweiser, this Auburn native was a peer counselor for troubled youth when a workplace accident—a mere slip on the floor—altered the course of his life. Becoming L-1 paraplegic and legally blind Read More >>

Helping Hearts Rescue Brothers Brad and Tim

Piled up mattresses and broken down, disused furnishings litter the walkway up to Brad and Tim’s room and board. The smell hits you before you open the door. You can’t quite say what it is, other than rot, but it’s pungent. So much so, Jimmy and Pak both need clean suits, masks and gloves before Read More >>