Helping Hearts Foundation Values

 Why We Do What We Do

Helping Hearts Foundation began in 2008 with a mission and vision supported by a powerful set of values and beliefs. Today, we are an IRS recognized 501(c) non-profit organization still sharing our core beliefs that every person deserves respect, support, compassion and a comfortable, fulfilling and consistent quality of life. Through in-home care and placement services, pharmacy services, care residences and other invaluable assistance, we act as a friendly neighbor and helpful friend for all of those in need.

Click Here for a Letter from our President, Jimmy B. Borgmeyer II

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Our team is comprised of knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate social service and healthcare experts committed to serving the elderly, disabled, homeless, deprived and disadvantaged in the Northern CA area, with housing in Sacramento. Our services and assistance are made possible through a vast network of dedicated, professional caregivers, assisted living communities, pharmacy programs, hospice care workers, geriatric care specialists and many others. Our passionate team continues to expand our network and reach out to people in need, finding welcoming homes for those in emergency rooms, hospitals, shelters and streets who have nowhere to go.

If you or a friend, family member or neighbor is struggling with old age, illness, injury or a tragic life event, give us a call today. We will help you find the services you need and give you the respect, support and understanding you deserve.


We believe each person deserves our undivided concern and commitment so we focus on one person at a time and treat everyone we serve equally.

Unconditional Support and Help

We focus on what is meaningful and significant to each person so we give them full encouragement and pay attention to their unique needs and concerns.


We believe it is important to treat each person the same and, most important, to treat them as we want to be treated….and to do that over and over and over.


We give of our time, knowledge and skill to solve each person’s problem or concern and we do not walk away from even the toughest of issues…..we become an advocate!


We believe it is vitally important to do the right thing every time with each person and family we serve.

Shared Humanity

We recognize our shared humanity, need for compassion and support, and for people in our lives who sincerely care about us so we extend this kind of care to our clients and their families.

It’s Personal

We treat each person as we would treat a member of our own family….with care, compassion, respect and understanding.


We work to find new and different ways to improve a person’s life and to help them thrive….we care about how things are done not just what is done.