Lincoln CA In Home Care Services

Everyone feels safest in the comfort of their own home, but sometimes home isn’t the safest place to be. If you or a loved one is having difficulty living independently and doing routine tasks because of illness, an injury or the difficulties of aging, Helping Hearts can help find the best solution — whether you require in home assistance on a daily or weekly basis or placement in an assisted living residence.

The Helping Hearts Foundation provides Lincoln residents with in home assistance that creates a safer, less stressful home environment for those dealing with aging, dementia, illness or injury. When everyday tasks become strenuous, our trained professionals can help with activities such as cooking, cleaning the house, running errands, driving to appointments and taking medications. We offer warm, caring help that reduces the risk of accidents and improves peace of mind for individuals and caregivers.

Lincoln Placement Activity

Moving into a friend’s or family member’s home isn’t always the best answer when one can no longer live alone safely, but you may not know all your residence options. Helping Hearts Placement Activity in Lincoln can guide you in determining whether you or your loved one would benefit most from in home assistance or relocation to an assisted living facility, and we help you through the process.

Payee Services

When managing your or your loved one’s finances becomes difficult to manage, Helping Hearts Payee Services can keep the bills paid on time. Our professional staff can manage your Social Security and other benefits and assist with budgeting, bill pay, negotiations with creditors and protection from abuse and fraud.

With the in home assistance, payee services and placement activity Helping Hearts provides in Lincoln, CA, you or your loved one can get the precise solution to your needs — making for a safer and more independent living situation and more peace of mind.