Northern California In-Home Care

In Home Care Services for Residents of Sacramento County, Sutter County, El Dorado County, Placer County, Yolo County & San Joaquin County

No one is more comfortable than in the comfort of their own home. When illness, pain, injuries or effects of aging become difficult to manage, moving to an assisted living location or moving in with family or friends can cause more stress and exacerbate discomfort.

The Helping Hearts Foundation understands the security and comfort of living at home, especially when illness, injuries or other conditions make life difficult. For many, living at home is not only more enjoyable and less stressful, but also works to improve health, recovery times, lessen pain and decrease discomfort. Helping Hearts provides in-home care services in Sacramento provided through trained professionals, so you can enjoy living at home regardless of your needs. Although our housing is in Sacramento, we provide a range of other services to those living in surrounding counties (within Northern California) including Sutter, El Dorado, Placer, Yolo and more. Helping Hearts’ caregivers are trained to provide a wide range of in-home living assistance, so you can feel safe and enjoy the peace and familiarity of the place you have made your own.

In Home CareWhy is In-Home Care the Best Solution for You?

If you are struggling with limited mobility, dementia, chronic pain or other ailments, and it has become difficult to perform daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning, taking medications, shopping or driving, in-home care services may be the ideal solution. Helping Hearts is dedicated to helping each person live comfortably in the way that is best for them, and provides care services for those who prefer to stay in their homes as they recover from injuries and cope with illnesses or aging. In-home assistance varies depending on your needs, trained and qualified caregivers can provide you or your loved ones with the exact care that is needed. If you live at home alone and keeping up your home has become overly burdensome, in-home care can help you stay in your home safely and comfortably.

If you are helping a friend, family member or neighbor live at home, but their needs have surpassed your knowledge, strength or available time, professional in-home care will help to relieve stress from your relationship and allow each of you to enjoy your time together more. In-home care eliminates the stress or potential burdens between the patient and caregiver and allows friends and family to again provide emotional support and valuable companionship again. For those who do not have a support network to rely on, in-home care is even more vital. Our helpful and compassionate caregivers can provide you with the level of assistance you need, as well as companionship and emotional support.

There are many levels of in-home care, and you can select the services or time that you require. You or your loved ones may require help with strenuous daily tasks such as:

  • Cooking
  • Shopping
  • Running Various Errands
  • Weekly Visits for Home Cleanliness & Maintenance

Others may require more extended care, such as assistance with dressing or bathing in addition to other tasks, or assistance due to memory lapses or other forms of dementia. Whatever you needs may be, we can help arrange in-home caregivers to make your life at home safe and comfortable, and allow you to stay living in the home you love.

What are some of the Benefits of In-Home Care?

Having someone to rely on in your home can make the difference between staying healthy, comfortable and safe or suffering from injuries or accidents.

An in-home assistant can help you with:

  • Staying on track with medications and maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Maintain your home, keeping things organized and clean
  • Assist you with difficult activities, preventing falls and accidents
  • Everyday activities such as lawn care and cooking

For those living in their home and for those seeking assistance for loved ones, we understand how important safety and quality of living is, especially when struggling with sickness, injury, memory lapses, pain or discomfort. We strive to help each person live happily in their homes and continue the activities that they enjoy. Whether the home occupant is struggling with a wide range of daily activities, or requires only a few hours of assistance, we provide care that is catered to each person’s lifestyle so they can maintain independence in a secure, clean, quality environment.

Learn more about in-home care for your own home, or make a call for a friend, family member or neighbor in need. Make your life easier or improve relationships with friends and loved ones with in-home care through Helping Hearts. Give us a call today for more information about in-home care in Sacramento & the surrounding counties.