Granite Bay In Home Care Services

Home is where you’re most comfortable — that’s true for most people. But when aging, illness or an injury make it difficult or unsafe to live on your own, it may seem that the only course of action is to move in with a family member or friend or into an assisted living facility. However, those aren’t the only options. Helping Hearts can help you with in home assistance and offers placement activity in Granite Bay.

The Helping Hearts Foundation provides in home assistance on a daily or weekly basis with the everyday tasks that can be difficult for someone with issues due to aging, illness or injury. Let us help with cooking and menu planning, routine errands, driving to appointments, reminders to take medications, and regular housekeeping and maintenance. We offer care that meets your or your loved one’s exact needs and provides a safer environment.

Granite Bay Placement Activity

If it is no longer feasible for an individual to live alone in his or her own home without assistance, Helping Hearts offers Granite Bay Placement Activity that can find the best solution — whether it is placement in an assisted living facility or to have in home help on a regular basis.

Payee Services

Managing finances is an important job, but one that can become difficult to do if one is also dealing with poor health or aging. Helping Hearts Payee Services offers Payee Services that help with budgeting, paying bills on time, negotiating with creditors and protecting vulnerable individuals from fraud and abuse.

Whether you or your loved one just needs a little help around the house in order to remain independent or a more comprehensive solution, Helping Hearts offers in home assistance and placement activity that relieve stress for both the individual and the caregiver. Our in home assistance in Granite Bay has made it possible for many people to remain in their own homes safely and independently as long as possible.