Personal Money Management

When you are sick, injured or you are assisting a family member who is sick or injured, keeping up with bills and debts can be difficult. If you or a family member is struggling with memory lapses or dementia, this can make staying up to date with bills even more difficult. Those who are aging at home or have disabilities are rightfully focused on staying healthy and managing day-to-day activities, which is often an arduous task in itself. Helping Hearts Foundation provides personal money management services to help take the stress off and make organizing bills and money easy. Helping Hearts makes sure that all your bills are paid on time and your cash flow goes towards the things you need, as well as the things you want. Regular social security payments, SSI, retirement benefits, disability payments and other regular payments as well as income are organized in a clear and straightforward way, so you know exactly where your money is going. Utility bills, rent, mortgages, medical bills, pharmacy expenses and other expenditures are paid off regularly as they come in, so you don’t have to worry about not having electricity, losing your home or losing access to essential medication.

Stress Free Management of Your Expenses

Managing bills and expenses when money is tight is stressful in any situation, and put added strain on any relationship. Family members or friends may step in to help manage expenses for an aging, ill or injured person, which can lead to tension and disagreements. Medical expenses and medications get expensive very quickly, and the strain of payments can quickly detract from the number one priority; your health and safety. Helping Hearts helps you manage these expenses and take each payment one step at a time so you can stay up-to-date with bills without getting overburdened. This allows you to spend more time with friends, neighbors and family members in a way that you can both enjoy. You will not have to worry about financial disagreements, and the tense conversations about bills and medicines. Removing financial troubles from your time together allows you to enjoy each other’s company again. Helping Hearts also helps you resolve complex problems regarding medical insurance coverage, reimbursements and co-pays, so you pay only what is necessary and get the most out of your insurance coverage. We can also help you when there are uncertainties about, or need assistance with:

  • Regular Social Security Payments
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Several Other Payments
  • Owed Back Taxes on your Home
  • Plans for Debt Resolution, Acting as a Mediator (between agencies)

Assistance with these stressful situations allows you to focus on your health and enjoy life again!

More than Just Bill-Pay Assistance, Helping Hearts is Here for You

If you have other significant debts or expenses that you want to take care of but cannot find the time, Helping Hearts can help with that as well. In addition to daily living expenses, utilities, medical bills and other costs, Helping Hearts can also help you manage other important expenses, such as necessary repairs to your home. We are dedicated to ensuring that every person in need enjoys a safe, clean and comfortable living environment, and we can help you maintain yours. If your roof is leaking, you have faulty plumbing, you need a wheelchair ramp in your home or other repairs, we will help you find bids and locate a high-quality, affordable contractor. We will work with you to decide what funds are available for your projects and take care of bills as they come. Knowing you can pay for repairs to your home with organized money management removes the risk and uncertainty, allowing you to keep your home in prime condition without worrying about delaying other expenses.

Whether you are living at home alone and you are getting behind in bills, or you are taking care of a loved one and managing finances has become difficult, Helping Hearts can lend a hand. Our trusted caregivers will help you manage any expenses around your home, whether you are simply paying utilities and rent, or you have complications with insurance, medical bills, taxes or other debts. We work with each person patiently and explain the process so all cash inflows and outflows are clear. Regular bill payments and money management allows you to know exactly how much you have to spend on entertainment and time with family and friends, without getting behind on essentials. This way you can spend time with others and treat yourself without worrying. With a planned schedule of payments and income, you will know exactly how much to spend and when, so you will not have to worry about borrowing money at the end of the month and putting strain on friends and family members. If you or a loved one is struggling with managing bills and debts in your home, contact us today to learn more about money management services and financial planning from Helping Hearts.

Providing Personal Money Management Services throughout Sacramento County, Sutter County, El Dorado County, Placer County, Yolo County & San Joaquin County.