Finding Happy Endings with Helping Hearts, Part One

Everyone likes happy endings, right? If we didn’t, Hollywood moviemakers wouldn’t work so hard to find new and creative ways to tell stories in which good wins over bad the guy gets the girl or the unlikely deserving person finally makes it big. You know, the stuff that movies are made of! But what makes Read More >>

Save a Penny, Earn a Penny – and Your Future Care Needs

As a kid, I remember how excited I would be to find a penny (or even a nickel or dime!) on the ground. I would run over, pick it up, and show it to my Dad. He would say something like this, “Great, you just earned a penny today! Make sure you put it in Read More >>

Home Is Where the Heart Is….and the Rest of the Body!

One of the most basic needs of human beings is having a place to call home, a place that is safe, comfortable, warm, restful, and has plenty of room for your stuff. Home provides a solid foundation off from which you can go each day, out into the world, and do what you need to Read More >>

Helping Hearts Foundation Resident Carol “Shorty” W.

Helping Hearts Foundation Resident Carol “Shorty” W. from Helping Hearts Foundation on Vimeo. Social services should be afforded the ability to go see the living conditions and doctors should once again get in the practice of prescribing nutrition. Had that happened at the first sign of trouble on a doctors visit for compulsive eating years Read More >>

Helping Hearts Foundation Resident Craig

Helping Heart Foundation Resident Craig from Helping Hearts Foundation on Vimeo. Craig became a Helping Heart Foundation Resident a few years ago when he realized his options for safe, secure and affordable housing were running out. Having battled a lifelong addiction to alcohol and drugs Craig was beset upon by injuries and illnesses that made Read More >>

Helping Hearts Foundation Rescue – What We See

Wash your hands. Western medicine is an amazing achievement in human history. To have banished from daily life the unsanitary conditions that breed viruses, bacteria and parasites is a major reason why humans are flourishing on the earth. Yet even in the most affluent of countries and the richest of cities, the causes of a Read More >>