Helping Hearts Foundation Resident Janette

Helping Hearts Foundation Resident Janette from Helping Hearts Foundation on Vimeo.

Waylaid in Las Vegas by cardiac arrest while on a trip to Illinois to visit her grandchildren, one of the nation’s first female forklift operators was attacked by a ruthless mugger. Repeated kicks to the head resulted in severe brain trauma, three stints in her heart and spinal damage that left her nearly incapacitated. Transferred from a Las Vegas hospital to a Sacramento facility she has never fully recovered. Yet despite her horrible injuries she continues to be a big smile and warm personality while helping others in need. While recuperating from her injuries at her family’s home and waiting for her husband, she found Helping Hearts Foundation and convinced her husband that they had found a home.

Helping Hearts Foundation is an IRS recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was created to help those in need of everyday living assistance. We believe our work lies in relieving the stress of the emergency rooms, hospitals, shelters, and the working poor who, due to an unending economic downturn, can no longer properly provide for their loved ones on a fixed low income. We want to be there for those people that are misplaced or are difficult to place, people from skilled nursing and referral agencies that have a difficult combination of problems to address, and people who need a high level of care and have a low income.

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