Helping Hearts Foundation Resident Heather

Helping Hearts Foundation Resident Heather from Helping Hearts Foundation on Vimeo.

Coming from a family with a history of bi-polar disorder did not help Heather when domestic violence reared its head in both of her marriages, the latter of which left her sexually battered, destitute and living alone–after an ugly divorce—in an apartment complex inhabited by rival gangs. The worst came to fruition as she was burnt, drugged and sexually assaulted by multiple males, after which she suffered a stroke which left her lying incapacitated and naked on the floor for several days. To add insult to injury the staff at the hospital did not believe her version of the story and as such did not complete a rape kit. Despite having lived a continuously tumultuous life of distress and violence over the past ten years, her spirit is indomitable and she has done her best to maintain a level head for more than a year at Helping Hearts Foundation.

Helping Hearts Foundation is an IRS recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Sacramento, California that was created to help those in need of everyday living assistance. We believe our work lies in relieving the stress of the emergency rooms, hospitals, shelters, and the working poor who, due to an unending economic downturn, can no longer properly provide for their loved ones on a fixed low income. We want to be there for those people that are misplaced or are difficult to place, people from skilled nursing and referral agencies that have a difficult combination of problems to address, and people who need a high level of care and have a low income.

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