Beverly a Helping Hearts Resident Rescue

Helping Hearts Resident Rescue - BeverlyBeverly is a recent addition to the Helping Hearts Foundation. A 70-year-old Cancer patient, she had been a victim of an ongoing deception from a family member who was stealing the rent money–as well as whatever other resources she could get her hands on, including Beverly’s monthly Social Security benefit–and funneling it toward her own illicit activities, which include but are not limited to drug abuse, pilfering medication, larceny and issuing threats.

Beverly, who thought the money she gave to her family member was going toward paying rent and utilities, buying groceies and gas, to her surprise was notified by the management of the apartment complex she resided in, that she was to be evicted at the end of the month due to non-payment. Thankfully a kind neighbor stepped in to provide electricity for Beverly’s oxygen usage. A few calls later and the Helping Hearts Foundation was notified by Beverly’s case worker at Advocates For Seniors of the situation and despite having little to no time to prepare the usual style of placement preferred, were able to get Beverly housed in a safe and comfortable environment the very next day. A case has also been started by APS (Adult Protective Services) on the matter.

So Beverly, no more deceitful family members grifting the rent. No more devious boyfriends threatening abuse. No more wondering if the medication your life depends on will be there in the morning. Now all you have to worry about is what to have for breakfast and what to do with the rest of your day.


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